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Berlin inspires. Not only has the city masterfully handled reunification, it has also evolved into a culturally diverse, tolerant, and cosmopolitan metropolis attracting young talent as well as creative and digital companies from around the world. Berlin has become a hotspot for design, fashion, art, advertising, film, games, music and theatre.

The economy is recording a stable trend to growth driven by innovation and creativity. The city’s population is increasing by around 50,000 every year — a indicative of Berlin’s appeal and the opportunities it has to offer. The city is pleasant to live in, and consistently records high scores in international rankings for life quality, affordable rents and costs of living. Thanks to the right balance between economic growth, liberal climate and cosmopolitan outlook, Berlin has established as one of the leading locations for the creative and digital economy worldwide.

In Berlin, more than 186,000 people are currently working in the creative industries sector, which corresponds to approximately 10% of all employees in Berlin. The city’s more than 28.000 companies reach a yearly turnover of more than 17 billion Euro. Besides that Germany´s capital still has lots of free spaces and room to grow, also vibrant networks and an outstanding infrastructure in education and research.

Added Value of the Unesco Certification as “Unesco City of Design”
The UNESCO certification as “City of Design” was a milestone in recognizing the creative potential. It helped to highlight the design and creative sector in Berlin and put more international awareness on these fields of competence. The certification was combined with many other supporting and promotional activities initiated by the city government. Additionally it strengthened Berlin´s confidence to overcome the structural change from post-industrial to a modern capital, deepened the exchange between Berlin and other creative cities and forced a superior level of intercultural understanding.

Mayor Achievements regarding Design

  • UNESCO designated Berlin “City of Design” in 2006
  • Establishing and close collaboration with networks in Berlin
  • Cofinancing B2B platforms which unite potential clients and creative enterprises
  • Opening up foreign markets through more than 60 presentations at fashion/ design fairs internationally, e.g. Milan´s Salone de Mobile/ Asian and Latin America Design Festivals etc.
  • Establishing competitions for fashion and design – providing designers with 2 years standby support
  • Building cutting edge partnerships between design and industry by innovation voucher program

Facts and Figures


Around 5 million inhabitants (metropolitan area)


892 km2 (Germany’s largest city & capital)

Educational institutions

35 universities (approximately 160,000 students)

Around 40,000 new businesses per year/ highest growth rate in Germany

20% non-German citizens from 195 countries

Berlin is a young, international and religious diverse city

Berlin is a city of culture, creative industries, media and science in Germany

Berlin is home to highly ranked universities, research institutes, orchestras and museums

Fundamental structural change since 1989 (fall of the wall)

Significant industries include IT/ creative industries, pharma, biotechnology, optoelectronics, traffic engineering and renewable energy

More than 100 research institutes, major share in advanced science

Discover Berlin

Berlin Design Digest

100 projects, products, and processes from Berlin resumed in one publication: The book with 304 pages and more than 300 photos and illustrations will not only inspire readers, but also enable them to exchange, cooperate, and initiate projects.

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©Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week 2017 – January

The Berlin Fashion Week takes place two times a year and bundles up more than ten fashion fairs and fashionshow platform during one week, presenting the latest collection for womenswear, menswear, streetwear, skaterwear, Avantgarde, Eco Fashion and accessories.

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DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2016

With the motto Odyssey 2016, the DMY International Design Festival Berlin will open its doors from June 2 – June 5, 2016 at Kraftwerk Berlin.

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Typo Berlin

Designers stage dialogues. Whether it be the dialogue between app and user, between website and visitor, between a car and its driver, or between a brand and its customers. Designers use technical and analytical tools to make communication as easy and emotional as possible.

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Fashion Tech Konferenz

#FASHIONTECH BERLIN is the platform for all the uprising ideas and business models that influence the way fashion is designed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold.

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Der Berliner Mode Salon

The BERLINER MODE SALON will be hosting presentations, catwalk shows and the first BMS showroom at the Crown Prince’s Palace (Kronprinzenpalais) between 19 and 21 January 2016.

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