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Since 2013, the Institute for Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba (IPPUC) in partnership with Centro Brasil Design (CBD) and ProDesign>PR have been developing initiatives to design value. Among the main strategies was the submission of the application and the approval of Curitiba as part of the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO, in the segment Design. Another initiative that highlighted the state capital in this scenario was the realization of the 1st International Forum of Friendly Cities of Design (FICAD). Held in November 2014, the event brought national and international speakers and it was attended by over a hundred people. The second edition of FICAD will be held in November 2015.

It’s also worth mentioning the inclusion of the Design in the Council of of Curitiba (Concitiba) and in the Municipal Council of Culture, which have segment representatives. During the review process of the Master Plan of Curitiba, there was the inclusion of a Strategic Plan of Innovation and Design in the draft bill. In another initiative that seeks recovery and the proximity to the segment, IPPUC also joined the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), an institution that operates to spread the designworldwide. Finally, Curitiba launched its candidacy for the title of World Design Capital in 2018. It is the largest global design event that provides global visibility and network for the city, attracting investment and generating business opportunities.

Regarding to urban design, Curitiba already counts on some innovative local initiatives such as eco-mobility; cycling new projects; Calm Streets; studies for the Calmed Centre, Tuboteca, urban nomenclature for the visually impaired and the studies for redesign the tube stations and telephone booths, among others.

Curitiba + Design Program
The structuring proposal Curitiba + Design is in consonance with the Strategic Plan for Innovation and Design proposed in the review of the Master Plan of Curitiba. The initiative aims to establish joint actions between the City, professional associations, academia and other sectors of private enterprise, such as the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP), the Federation of Commerce of the State of Paraná (Fecomércio) and the Paraná Trade Association (ACP), with targets set for the next 20 years.

The goal is to form an innovative and creative environment for Curitiba, attracting more talents and entering the thought of design in the development of a green, creative, innovative and prosperouseconomy. The document was prepared with the participation of the Agency Curitiba S / A and the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

Design by the people
Since the dawn of mankind, the human being has been dealing with Design. The stone axes and the Paleolithic were one of the first instruments designed by men. The prehistoric art of the painted animals on the Lascaux Cave. These couldn’t be better examples of Product and Graphic Design. Ancient innovators.

The idea is to present Design by the People through 4 main dimensions:

  1. Diversity: Brazilians have remarkable creative diversity and explore it from a holistic perspective. It can be seem in clothing, cooking, events, traditions, music etc.;
  2. Sustainability: Regarding Environmental, Cultural and Business issues;
  3. Community: Joy and Happiness – a Brazilian Trademark; 
  4. Youth: the future of the nations depends on how well we deal with our youth and its challenges.

These dimensions will put Design and the city of Curitiba, which is internationally known in the last 50 years because of the innovative solutions in Urbanism and Urban Design, in a new platform. This comprehensive attitude will be the difference for the next generations.

Facts and Figures


Around 1,800,000 citizens


430,9 km2

Educational institutions

8 universities, 6 institutions for technical degrees and 3 institutions of extension programs accounting 49 design courses

Capital of the State of Paraná

14 researching groups of design (11,5% of Brazil)

461 design awards in the last 10 years

Sustainable Transport Award by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (US) in 2010

One of the 28 Cleanest Cities Around the World – the only Brazilian city, by the blog Hassle.com – March/2015

Final candidate for World Design Capital 2018

Best City of Brazil by IstoÉ Magazine and Austin Ratings Agency – September/2015

Discover Curitiba


The 2nd FICAD is a one day design event under the motto: Design Transforms Urban Scenarios

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D Week Curitiba

D Week in Curitiba is a weeklong design festival that takes place once a year. It will feature national and international conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

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Projects by Curitiba

The following will present some successfully implemented design projects in Curitiba.

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