An essential topic of our subnetwork is, how we, the Cities of Design, define ourselves and how we want to cooperate and share information. In order to foster exchange, it is crucial to promote what we have in common and what special competences each city holds.

We have therefore established the so-called Pizza-Agenda, which provides three components at a glance: First, at the edge of our Pizza-Agenda, we show our five common principles: We promote design. We connect. We support. We share a common market and We share knowledge. Second, our Pizza-Agenda displays 17 topics that altogether represent services that all Cities of Design agreed to share. Third, since each city puts different emphasis on each topic, the “pizza-toppings“ vary from city to city. This slight but crucial difference is visualized by a color code: a green topping indicates that a certain topic is on the agenda of a city, whereas a red one means the opposite: it is not relevant. Leaving the respective topic white/empty implies that it is not on the agenda at the moment but possibly under consideration. (exception: washed out orange = is being produced)

Bilbao - City of Design - Pizza System


Human oriented: Considering the social factor of design as a key issue of a city – e.g. design for a better life.
City development: Design is understood as a driver for city development.
Business oriented: Supporting the lcoal (creative) industries in particular.
Show & showcase: An exhibition format/space, in which design products are shown throughout the year.
Design centre: There is a permanent design centre in the city, where design is shown all year round.
Conference: The city hosts international conferences about design relevant topics.
Workshop Int.: International workshops are held in the city; creative people (UCCN) are invited to actively participate.
Design Week etc.: The city hosts a fair, in which companies form the design industry showcase their latest products and services.
Fashion Week: A fashion industry event takes place in the city for one week; international designers and brands display their latest products.
Exhibition space: There is an exhibition space available to show design products by local designers as well as international ones; UCCN-partner cities are invited to use and book the space.
Competitions: The respective city to announce international call for papers, products and designers.
Design Trade Fair: A trade fair is an short-term exhibition in which companies from the design industry showcase their latest products and services, meet with industry partners as well as customers and examine recent market trends and propsective opportunities.
Pro exchange: Committing to foster exchange of professional designers by, for example, providing an in-residence-programme.
Students exchange: The city supports exchanges and work placements from high schools as well as universities.
Design university: There is at least one university in the city that offers degree programms in design.
Landing point: There is at least one contact person who stays in contact with the other UCCN-cities and answers requests within a short period of time.
Response in 4 weekdays: The landing point (contact person) responds within 4 workdays.