Exchange & Network

An essential topic of our subnetwork is, how we, the Cities of Design, define ourselves and how we want to cooperate and share information. In order to foster exchange, it is crucial to promote what we have in common and what special competences each city holds.

We have therefore established the so-called Pizza-Agenda, which provides three components at a glance: First, at the edge of our Pizza-Agenda, we show our five common principles: We promote design. We connect. We support. We share a common market and We share knowledge. Second, our Pizza-Agenda displays 17 topics that altogether represent services that all Cities of Design agreed to share. Third, since each city puts different emphasis on each topic, the “pizza-toppings“ vary from city to city. This slight but crucial difference is visualized by a color code: a green topping indicates that a certain topic is on the agenda of a city, whereas a red one means the opposite: it is not relevant. Leaving the respective topic white/empty implies that it is not on the agenda at the moment but possibly under consideration. (exception: washed out orange = is being produced)

Bilbao - City of Design - Pizza System
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