Where we develop a huge marketplace for the UNESCO Cities of Design.
Where we connect designers, products, manufacturers and distributors.
Where we collect great design from the Cities of Design.

Image: Annabell Spoetl


The project is a mutual development of Anne Thomas (MTL), Pierre Laramée (MTL) and Eberhard Schrempf (GRZ) and will be launched as a pilot project within Designmonat Graz 2018. We are confident that this project will open a new chapter in the collaboration of all ‘active’ design cities.


At the beginning of the project there was a vision: to create a channel, a “Hyperloop” to unite the UNESCO Cities of Design, in order to facilitate the dissemination of ideas, designs and best practices. We named it WORLD WIDE THINGS COLLECTION. It will comprise different formats such as exhibitions, shops, conferences, meetings and conventions, and a fine selection of prime designs as well as an international network, exchanges of ideas and experiences and following sales activities.

Our goal is to develop a worldwide marketplace that benefits both the creative community and the economy by using the network of design cities and develop a sustainable format for designers and companies. It will visualize the diversity of good ideas and products on the one hand, and on the other hand seize and utilize the potential and opportunities for cooperation and exchange offered by the COD network. We want to provide possibilities for designers, producers and retailers and support the business of the creative community. The network project should be understood and used as a chance for economic added value, for the benefit of all partners and as an advantage in the market.