A Playbook for Building a Design-Led Culture

Posted on: 31. January 2022

What is Culture?

Culture is the bedrock of an organisation. Various studies have shown that an organisation’s culture has a direct impact on the work it does. Organisational culture determines how individuals go about their daily work, and can dictate how an organisation performs in relation to its strategy. Yet culture can take many forms, differing according to the goals of each organisation.

For design-led organisations, design is embedded so deeply that it becomes more than just part of their processes and strategy, but a part of their culture. To gain a meaningful and deeper understanding of how design-led culture allows organisations to strive for better, a qualitative year-long study commissioned by the DesignSingapore Council was conducted by ROHEI Learning & Consulting with senior management personnel from 27 leading organisations with strategic presence in Singapore. These organisations include family-run small and medium-sized enterprises, large local enterprises, multi-national corporations, and government agencies.

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