Automotive Talent Award

Posted on: 27. February 2017

Torino Design

The Award

After a decade of achievements, TORINO DESIGN is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary, announcing an award dedicated to young talents with innovative ideas regarding the interaction between human and car.

TORINO DESIGN is a solid firm of Italian Design. The credibility in the market has been acquired from the over 200 projects developed for the most important automotive companies of the world. TORINO DESIGN is today the totally independent styling and engineering center with the biggest creative department of the Turin area.

The company was born from Know How, with the purpose of gathering high level professionals and offering a global vision of the automotive design world. Since last year, TORINO DESIGN has been certified as “Innovative firm of Turin”, in terms of “Research and Development” and “Export of Turinese Know How globally”. This goal has been achieved thanks to the synergistic collaboration between highly experienced professionals and young talents. Thus, here the idea to reward the youngs who are brave enough to think out of the box, developing projects able to feed new ideas.

Taken into account the great curiosity that new systems of interaction between man and car stimulate in public opinion, the aim of TORINO DESIGN, its founder Roberto Piatti and the members of the jury is to reward the project able to express at its best the vision of tomorrow in terms of connection between driver, passengers, vehicle and outside world.


The contest is dedicated to youngs all over the world who already reached the age of consent and not older than 25 years. The candidates have to hand in a project enclosed in maximum 3 explicative PDF pages. In the first page there must be indicated the full name of the participant, the age, the city and the country of nationality and the e-mail address. The second page must display graphically the project, presenting 2 images with dimensions of 148×210 mm. The last page – written in English – must contain a headline that indicates clearly the project followed by the description of the idea through a text of no more than 500 words. The project must be uploaded on the dedicated page of TORINO DESIGN website ( no later than 80 days from the start of the contest and it must respect all the conditions over cited.


The award consists in ten thousand (10.000) Euros. (The reward includes the opportunity for the winner to enter the team of TORINO DESIGN in Turin, for a minimum time of six months in order to develop the project).


The award will be presented on the 10th of June 2016 at 11.30 am at the “Sala delle Colonne”, Viale Pier Andrea Mattioli, Castello del Valentino, during the second edition of the Italian motor show: “ Salone dell’Auto di Torino. Parco Valentino”.

The candidate will have the opportunity to hand in the projects between the 11th of June and the 31st of October 2016 (the only way to participate to the contest is to upload the document on the dedicated page of TORINO DESIGN website: At the beginning of November 2016, TORINO DESIGN will announce the winner during the event “Torino City of Design”.

For further information please see the website of Torino Design and the short description TORINO DESIGN – AUTOMOTIVE TALENT AWARD. Eng[1]

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