Call: 100 Days in UNESCO City of Design Istanbul

04. Sep 2019

The UNESCO City of Design Graz has developed the networking program ‘COD 100’ for professionals in order to accelerate the exchange and the cooperation with the UNESCO Cities of Design and to bring the linking of the Design Cities to the next level. For a period of 100 days, Graz-based creative people of all design fields get the opportunity to work in a company in a UNESCO City of Design, make contacts, gather experiences, intensify linking within the creative community and widen their horizon.

This year you can apply for the UNESCO City of Design Istanbul and for a Job at the company Infoloji.

About Infoloji
Since 2012 Infoloji aims to create a leadership and management ecosystem on a global basis and within the framework of universal values. The company provides services in Consulting and Project Management, Event Management and Technology. They organize international conferences and fairs to provide social awareness in the fields of economy, education, environment and technology.

With every product and service they develop, they aim to improve their know-how and efficiency. Together with their UI/UX designer colleagues, their priority is to create the easiest-to-use, most efficiently, stylish interfaces and develop the best existing solutions.


What Infoloji expect and what the job has to offer:

Job Description

  • Defining of user requirements and objectives
  • To identify design problems and to present solution suggestions
  • Identifying and documenting user needs for specific design projects
  • Create ideas with behavioral, intuitive, and data analysis-resistant experimentation or design recommendations that are compatible with business goals
  • Implementation of iterative usability tests to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of designs
  • Search, data analysis and analysis of datas from test results
  • Use various tools to sample effects, produce wireframing and prototypes
  • Ensuring functional and visual consistency across customer-focused products, services or applications
  • Monitor and evaluate how improvements and changes reflect usage
  • Keeping a close eye on new technology and trends
  • Regular reports on research, analysis and activities



  • Have a prior Mobile UI experience
  • Knowledge of Sketch and at least one prototyping application (Adobe XD, InVision…)
  • Have prior knowledge about mobile UX
  • Dominates IOS & Android design principals
  • Have experience in Web and mobile design
  • Enjoys producing new designs
  • Closely follow the technology and constantly refreshes its skills
  • Prone to teamwork


The program is starting now!
The City of Graz funds the costs of travelling and accommodation for PROs in Istanbul – CIS takes care of the matching and the exchange. Infoloji is responsible for an appropriate remuneration for the 100-day-job.


Application as a designer who wants to operate in Istanbul for 100 days

  • Your application must be in English
  • Submissions by email with the subject ‘COD 100’
  • Indication of the possible date regarding the 100 days
  • Format: 1 PDF A4, landscape, max. 10 pages
  • Page 1: contact and short CV
  • Page 2: letter of motivation (max 500 words)
  • Page 3: factsheet regarding your profession and qualification
  • Page 4-10: portfolio with reference projects


Got curious?
See here what our latest participant Sonja Schwaighofer experienced during her time in Dundee.


And by the way, it also works the other way round.
Graz-based creative industries can offer a 100-day-job to designers from other cities.


Creative Industries Styria
Barbara Nussmüller
T: +43 316 890 598-13