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Posted on: 31. July 2023

What is Bideotikan?

In the streets of Bilbao, in its avenues, in its subway tunnels, there are more and more screens. The same happens in many cities.

Bideotikan proposes to recover those screens as a space for digital art, turning Bilbao into an open virtual gallery, where the avant-garde of art is visible to everyone and where an intelligent and playful dialogue is established with citizens, tourists and walkers through art and suggestive audiovisual projects.

With short multimedia clips displayed on urban screens, Bideotikan tries to offer artists from all over the world an alternative space to share their works, outside the algorithm wars and the limitations of social networks. We want everyone to look up from the mini-screens of their smartphones, to enjoy these works in a larger format and within a shared urban context.



The Aesthetics of Error / Designing Imperfection

As one of the most representative stylistic connections of the post-digital culture and the New Ugly, the Glitch opens as a breach in the system, taking advantage of the error as a creative possibility.

The easiest way to define a glitch is to say that it is a technological error, a corrupted file or a missing line of code. It is not something proper in the system but normally a transitory glitch takes us away from the illusion that is a control over the technology. The glitch is always ephemeral and has a mysterious aura that takes the thought away from the efficient digital world, creating dreamlike elements from technological ruptures.

In a scenario in which the border between the physical and virtual world is blurred, the seduction of technology has lost weight in people’s minds and art turns to digital error in an attempt to humanize the new media and devices.

Although glitch is usually understood as something that happens without you causing it, but art is not as innocent and casual as that. Many creators under the New Ugly label have been using different techniques such as circuit bending, data bending, datamoshing, aliasing, distortion or no-input for decades, exploring new territories and taking the error into an aesthetic form.

The main goal of this exhibition will be to reveal the important presence of digital error in the aesthetic practices of graphic design and contemporary art.


Selection process and deadlines

The call for submissions will open at 00:00 on June 12, 2023 and will end at 23:59 on August 30, 2023 (GMT+1).

Once the deadline for the presentation of candidatures has expired, the Jury will make public the decision of the call for submissions, on September 15th, and will communicate it personally to each of the winners by e-mail. Only the selected artists must send the original work indicated by the Jury within a maximum period of 15 calendar days from its communication.


Awards and exhibition

The jury will select the three best proposals received, which will be part of the Bideotikan exhibition in multiple digital screens in the city of Bilbao and in the permanent exhibition at the Bideotikan headquarters in November 2023, along with the rest of the works curated by the organization.

In addition, the jury will award three rewards of 500€ (taxes and deductions included) to each winner.


How to participate?

Proposals should be sent through the festival’s e-mail

Each artist must send:

Up to three pieces of digital video art (video-art, code-art, 3D, Motion design, GIF, animation…) of 30 seconds duration (with the possibility of looping in case of being shorter). The relation with this year’s theme will be positively valued+

  • Name and surname(s) of the author(s)
  • Short description of the work
  • Link to the work online (Instagram,YouTube,Vimeo…),with credentials in case it is private
  • Contact e-mail of the author/s.



This call is aimed at national and international creators, designers and digital artists. The evaluation of artists and works will be carried out following criteria of non-discrimination in terms of gender, marital status, skin color, religion or worldview, culture, education, social origin, disability, age, sexual identity or nationality. Works or behaviors that incite hatred in any form, including racism, sexism, hatred against queer/trans people, age discrimination, disability, classism, etc., will not be accepted.


Transfer of rights

The creators participating in this call transfer in a non-exclusive way to Bideotikan all the exploitation rights of the submitted works, including those of public communication of the works for publication in catalogs, posters, promotional videos, web pages, RRSS and other media, digital, audiovisual or printed, always related to the purposes of communication and dissemination of the project of the organizing institutions, in their own media or third parties, for the whole world and for the maximum time allowed by the intellectual property regulations, without prejudice to the moral rights they hold in relation to their authorship.

The participants in the call assure that the proposal submitted is original and that they hold all their rights, including (but not excluding) intellectual property rights. If the proposal includes third party rights, the participants guarantee to obtain the necessary rights, authorizations and/ or licenses, exonerating the organizers from any claim in this regard.

Bideotikan undertakes to respect, scrupulously, the author’s rights over his/her work, acknowledging, at all times, his/her authorship.



For any questions about the call, please contact us by e-mail at These rules will be available on the website of BIDEOTIKAN 30 “museoa – International Digital Art Festival | Bilbao . .



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