Call for Information – Emerging Design Practices

Posted on: 30. May 2023

© 2022, Mathieu Rivard for the Ville de Montréal

The Ville de Montréal has issued an exploratory call for information to gain insights into the people and organizations that are involved in emerging design practices, and to broaden its horizons on Montréal’s design ecosystem and what it might become.

The call is issued following a symposium on Innovation by Design in Public Action organized by the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design and the Cité du design de Saint-Étienne (two UNESCO Cities of Design) in the Fall of 2022. This symposium shed light on the emergence of new practices and approaches to adopt in all design disciplines and beyond. The diversity of cultural, social and economic perspectives these can bring are essential keys to tackling challenges cities are facing today.

For the purposes of this call, “emerging design practices” are considered in an open and flexible manner. For example: design practices that are centred on the process rather than on the material object or purpose; those that adopt a systemic or human-focused approach; or those that use design to help reframe questions and narratives, seize opportunities and push them forward, whether as part of a project, a service, an organization, etc.

Every contribution will help Montréal envision how these practices’ potential for innovation and value creation can be leveraged to benefit communities. Practicioners from other Cities of Design are welcome to share their singular perspective.

We want to get to know you!

(If you require a deadline extension, please inform the contact person of your intention to respond, with an estimated date.)



Emeric Boucher

Economic Development Commissioner


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