Call for Street Art in Collegno

Posted on: 26. July 2018

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City of Collegno


City of Collegno in collaboration with Fondazione Contrada Torino Onlus


The administration of Collegno approved in September 2014 its mandate program “Collegno Impegno Comune 2014-2019”; in particular, it focused on strategic planning, recalling its metropolitan function and the will to promote forms of active citizenship through the involvement of citizens in proposals and projects deemed most useful for the economic, social and cultural growth of the City. Participation in the call for urban redevelopment and the safety of suburbs was a natural consequence of the strategic planning in progress. The “Collegno SI-CURA” project presented by the City of Collegno in the TOP METRO nomination of the Metropolitan City, intends therefore to put in place a consolidated mode of “intervention” that is capable of combining physical and physical care with social actions and intangible assets to increase real and perceived levels of safety, care, regeneration and urban “comfort”.
The overall project “Collegno SI-CURA”, is divided into four macro areas:

A) projects to improve the quality of urban decor
B) maintenance, reuse and refurbishment projects of public areas and existing building structures, for purposes of public interest point B.4: Recovery of vandalised public spaces.
C) projects aimed at increasing local security and urban resilience:
D) projects for the enhancement of facilities and services on the urban scale, including the development of the third sector and civil service, social inclusion and the development of new models of metropolitan and urban welfare;

This call is part of section B action B4 | Street Art, thanks to its strong communication capacity and loca impact,hasbecomeanincreasinglyusedtoolbyPublicAdministrations to help regenerate and redevelop degraded or marginal areas of the city. The works will be implemented through the present call.

The following surfaces have been identified for the works:

  • 3 walls to be allocated to an artistic/authorial intervention
  • 3 walls to be allocated to an intervention linked to a workshop to be implemented with the participation of the selected artists together with locals


To identify three artists or three artists’ collectives proposing, according to the outline of the call, three solutions capable of enhancing the selected buildings and coordinating three workshops with locals to intervene on the same number of smaller walls.


Participation is free and open for all visual artists, graphic designers, illustrators, architects, designers, either individually or as a group. Each artist, or group of artists, will have to choose one of the three combinations of the authorial wall and the wall for the workshop (see attached sheets) for the presented project.

combination A: #FRA39 + #FRA41
combination B: #FRA73 + #VITT26
combination C: #FRA16 + #MAR25


To be eligible, applicants must abide by the rules and meet the following requirements:

  1. to be of legal age (in the case of a group, all members must be of legal age)
    (Attachment 1: valid identity documents);
  2. the delegation, in the case of a group, of a leader by the members of the group
    (Attachment 2);
  3. to have carried out professional activities in the world of art, graphics, design, architecture (in the case of groups: at least the leader) (Attachment 3: Portfolio of completed works);
  4. to ensure the artistic authorship of the works presented (in the case of groups: at least the leader)
    (Attachment 4: self-declaration of authenticity and artistic authorship);
  5. to declare the willingness to carry out the works, as well as declare to possess the ability and / or know-how to physically create what was proposed (in the case of groups: at least the leader) (Attachment 5: self-declaration of commitment to carry out the works);
  6. declare the willingness not to place any restriction on the non- commercial use of the contents of the winning works by the promoters and coordinators (Attachment 6: declaration of assignment of publication rights);
  7. to have read and accepted in the case of victory all the terms in the Regulations
    (Attachment 7);
  8. deliver the requested documentation within the deadline set by the call;


The artistic proposal must include:

  • Descriptive report of how the work will appear on the parts of the intended buildings and the creative process behind the proposal. Details on how the workshop will be carried out with the users of the buildings and with locals. Max 2000 characters. (Attachment 8);
  • Prepare illustrations of the project you would like to create (through rendering, photo inserts or similar) using preferably the supports of the call
    (Attachment 9);


The evaluation will be carried out in two distinct and related phases: – first phase: a “expert jury” (GE) will be appointed, which will evaluate all the proposals and draw up a ranking. A minimum of three to a maximum of five proposals (work + workshop) per building will be selected. – second phase: a “local jury” (GT) will be appointed, composed of the users of the buildings and of local citizens of different types involved in the initiative, who will evaluate the previously selected proposals with the criteria detailed in the following paragraph.

An evaluation weight of 50% will be assigned to the jury of experts The remaining 50% to the local jury. The final evaluation will be determined by the following formula:

  • (voto GE x 0,5) + (voto GL x 0,5) = final grade
  • (vote GE = expert jury vote; vote GL = local jury vote)

The juries will evaluate the proposals in accordance with the following criteria:
> quality of the proposal (35 points): > aesthetic quality (25 points)
> quality of the workshop (15 points) > conservative longevity (15 points)
> longevity of the message (10 points)


Proposals must be submitted via email within 4.00 PM (CEST) of 17 September 2018 to the address and, for information, to The subject of the email should be BANDO INTERNAZIONALE di STREET ART “Collegno SI-CURA” | CITTA’ DI COLLEGNO. The email must contain two attachments (max size 5 MB for each attachment) in zip format:

  • a first attachment with the project illustrations named “Proposta Progettuale”
  • a second (named “Documenti”) containing the two-sided photocopy of an identity document issued by the representative of the group or the individual participants (Attachment 1), and attachments 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Please note that participation in the contest is anonymous. The graphics and narrative reports should not contain personal details of the participant or graphic signs they can be traced back to the participant.
The organising body will number the proposals in chronological order. Each attachment will be inserted in a special folder with the same number. The receiving body will maintain the anonymity of the proposals until the selection made by the jury has been completed.


Participation in the pre-selection is free and does not come with the right to compensation and/or reimbursement of any kind.

  • The three winners of the call will each receive a gross prize of € 6,000.00
  • The winners of the call will undertake to carry out the works and workshops using, including for the reimbursement of expenses, a total gross budget up to a maximum of € 2,000.00.

The organising body will take care of the work equipment and the preparation of the wall surfaces in order to ensure maximum efficiency and duration of the works.


Each winning artist or group will have to set in motion a workshop in which associations /groups of local citizens will be involved, identified by the organising bodies together with the City of Collegno. The design of the workshop will be preliminary to the intervention on the walls identified by the promoter.


The 3 walls and the three workshops must be completed by November 2018

Further information: Comune di Collegno
Piazza del Municipio n. 1, 10093 Collegno (TO) e-mail:
Fondazione Contrada Torino Onlus, via Corte d’Appello 16, 10122 Torino e-mail:

Further Information

Find all necessary information here (PDF) and the regulations here (PDF).




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