Call: Video for Kortrijk Creativity Week wanted

Posted on: 5. June 2019

Leieboorden, Kortrijk, Photo: Picture by Jonas Verbeke

Designregio Kortrijk, the focal point of the city of Kortrijk, wants to showcase the Cities of Design of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in its new public office with a well-designed interactive video wall. We want YOU to be a part of that!

How can you as a UNESCO creative city of design help us?

  1. Make a movie with your smart phone where you tell us:
    • Why your city became UNESCO Creative City of Design; what is your greatest asset as a city?
    • Why is the network so important to your city?
    • How do locals benefit from the network?
  2. Choose a background in the city that represents your designation – for example an epic building, a cool bridge, a tower, a square, …
  3. The movie:
    • doesn’t last longer than 1 minute;
    • shows at least 1 person (it may be more!): the focal point, the mayor, designer, entrepreneur, student, teacher,…;
    • is made with your own personal approach;
    • may be raw material (no editing, no filter).

We will edit all movies an incorporate them into a really cool video installation.

The installation will be shown for the first time at our Kortrijk Creativity Week in October 2019, and then be re-installed in the entrance hall of our new offices in the city center of Kortrijk.

We hope you participate!

Further Information

Deadline: July 15, 2019
Send your movies to
Phone: +32 474 93 02 95