Call: Wuhan We Can!

Posted on: 12. February 2020

2020 Fighting Against 2019-nCoV
Global Call for Public
Welfare Communication Design

Colleagues and friends who are keen on public welfare design in the whole society worldwide can participate, regardless of age and professional education.




Note: Hiiibrand, as one of the Co-Organizers of the activity, undertakes “Posters” and “Illustrations” categories from all categories, please learn more about other categories on the activity’s official website:


From February 1, 2020 until the end of the “2019-nCoV Clobal” epidemic.

The entries for the activity will be selected in stages and used for publicity in Wuhan to fight against 2019-nCoV Clobal.

Deadline for the first stage: February 14, 2020

Deadline for the second stage: February 28, 2020

Deadline for the third stage: To be determined


1.Entries should highlight the theme, adhere to science, correctly guide the prevention and control of the epidemic, reflect positive social energy, and have a positive and healthy visual language that is contagious and impactful.

2.No limits in style and forms, and no limits in quantity of entries, both single entry and series are acceptable, but series entry should at most contains 4 images.

3.“Wuhan We Can” Logo must appear in the entry (click to downlond the logo).

4. All the images should be saved as vertical A4 size (210mmx297mm, in JPG, RGB and 300dpi), and each should be less than 2MB.

5.Please keep the entry’s original files for future use in the public welfare promotion of fighting against 2019-nCoV Cloba in Wuhan.


How to enter:
Participators should register and login this website, Login as a returning user with your email and password if you entered last year; or register for a new account.

This version can guide you for uploading the works in detail, 

Before you begin, please have the following ready. This will make the process go quickly.

– Your email address you registered in this website, which the committee will contact you by this email address.

– The title and description of your works.

– Any digital files saved as JPG, RGB (not CMYK), less than 2MB.

– Please fill in your Weibo, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media links in “Website” or “Description” for us to contact or interact with you later.


1.The organizing committee will invite relevant professionals to select works in stages.

2.Entries will be used for public welfare promotion for fighting against “2019-nCoV Clobal” in Wuhan, and will be published and broadcast via different media.


1.The entrants should be the original authors of their works with the ensure copyright, guarantee not to violate national laws and regulations, not to infringe third party intellectual property rights and other rights, and responsible for the entry’s related copyright issues.

2.If the entry has been found having intellective right or copyright dispute, the organizing committee will cancel the qualification of the entry right. The entrants must undertake all the consequences. The organizer reserves the final decision-making right on the decisions related to the entry call.

3.The copyright of all the submitted works belongs to the original author, and the organizer of the activity has the right to carry out non-commercial use promotion, publicity, public exhibition, publication etc.

4.As a public interest entry call activity, the selected works will be provided free of charge to relevant units and organizations in Wuhan to fight against 2019-nCoV Clobal.

5.There is no charge for this public welfare campaign.

6.The organizer reserves the final interpretation right for the activity.