Creating a biodiversity corridor – winner

Posted on: 9. June 2018

© Table Architecture + LAND Italia + civiliti + Biodiversité Conseil

The winning team of the competition is composed of Table Architecture + LAND Italia + civiliti + Biodiversité Conseil.

The proposal is aimed at providing the borough of Saint-Laurent in the City of Montréal with a master development plan for a biodiversity corridor made up of a multipurpose network of natural and urban spaces related to the Laurentian landscape.

Fragmentation of natural habitats leads to diminished human contact with nature. The proposal aims to transition a landscape that has been highly modified by human presence (losing its diversity, variety, and resilience) into one with a new natural dimension – an urban nature still inhabited by humans but nevertheless abundant and diverse.

In explaining its selection, the jury noted that, “the winning team’s project won us over and stood out in several respects. It proposed a gradual introduction of biodiversity to the territory, ultimately creating an uncommon and resilient landscape, and also vigorously advocated maintaining spaces not meant for human use. The group also demonstrated a real knowledge of the project requirements and was able to convey and communicate the ambiances and experiences of the proposal.”

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