Design Month Festival 2024 // CALLS

Posted on: 20. December 2023


Designmonat Graz 2024 invites design studios, creatives and innovative companies together with cooperation partners from science and research to submit their ideas, approaches, utopias and models in order to present visionary solutions as part of a large exhibition.

The question is “WHAT NOW!”? – what to do?

What do we need now? Our world is in upheaval. Crises and uncertainties dominate. The time for lip service is over. The what and how of previous answers is not enough. We need a different what, a new how. We need new and different answers – solutions, visions and methods that offer a way out. One thing is clear: Not one discipline alone will “save the world”. It needs the creative power of many – it needs idea generators and implementers in many areas. We want to give them a platform in Design Month Graz 2024.

POTENTIAL KILLS DYSTOPIA_ What potential can we use to counter dystopias? How can we use our potential for a good future? We are looking for solutions in different areas: Mobility, food, energy, industry, work, robotics and artificial intelligence, housing & architecture or circular economy & resources, etc. We are looking for answers and scenarios to questions such as:

  • What now? ad Mobility – own or use? Which mobility solutions will really move us forward?
  • What now!? ad Lab-grown meat & co – how can scientific successes reach our bellies?
  • What now!? ad Waste as a raw material, repairing instead of producing – how do we establish a circular economy?
  • What now!? ad Industry & automation – how can industry (industrial production) return to the cities?
  • What now!? ad Modular, sustainable, flexible building and living: What kind of architecture and urban development do people need?
  • What now!?ad How can we use AI as an opportunity instead of demonizing it?
  • And much more…

A team of curators will select the projects that will be prepared and presented as part of the central exhibition of Designmonat Graz.

Submit proposals:

  • Short description/abstract – aim and background of the project (max. 1,200 characters)
  • Meaningful images of the project (max. 4 images, image size: max. 2 MB, landscape format, including credits).
  •  Deadline: February 15, 2024 Please send submissions to
  • detailed overview and PDF download 


Barbara Nußmüller
Creative Industries Styria GmbH
Marienplatz 1, 8020 Graz
+43 316 890 598-13



All over the city, shops and companies are hosting product presentations of designers. Design becomes visible – the search is on for new and current design products that are waiting to be presented to a wide audience during Design Month Graz festival.
We would like to integrate designers and their products from your city into the program. Creative Industries Styria manages the shop-partner for the presentation. The nominating city and designer are responsible for transportation, travelling costs. We offer 10 free places for international designers to present their products! – As places are limited, be quick ! Deadline for submissions: 07 February 2024.

Design in the City 

The designer’s products will be exhibited and presented over a month. The designer does not have to be present – of course it would be nice on the opening weekend, especially at the Designers Breakfast, if the designer were here to talk about his product, but it is not necessary. We need a good description of the product and will train our guides so that our guides can also talk about the product. The
designer is welcome to bring business cards or – if available – a small product catalogue, which we will enclose with the exhibited product.

The products

The products range from accessories to furniture, fashion, jewellery and motorbikes. So the range of products on display is wide.

Submit proposals


Theresa Freydl
Creative Industries Styria GmbH
Marienplatz 1, 8020 Graz