‘Home revisited’ Design Competition

Posted on: 27. February 2017

Asko Foundation’s new design competition ‘Home Revisited’ is looking for innovations to make the homes of the future. The competition is to launch on Helsinki Design Week’s opening day 1 September 2016.

Many factors will impact future living developments, such as environmental questions, redefining the concept of family, multiculturalism, the aging population, and digitalisation.

The new ‘Home Revisited’ design competition is looking for solutions to these and many other changes. It is launched by the Asko Foundation to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The competition strives to create new innovations for the home of the future.

This international multidisciplinary competition aims at creating new commercially significant production that meets the needs of future residents. It reviews homes and living in a manifold way through service design, spatial solutions, product design, and technical solutions, as well as any combination of the above. The winner of the competition is to receive 30,000 euro.

Among international competition, Finland has the opportunity to design and manufacture products and services that accommodate future changes.

Design together with multidisciplinary expertise will play major roles in the future. Asko Oy has always had a strong influence in developing the Finnish home, and home improvement is an essential part of Asko Foundation’s activity.

In addition to designers, the competition seeks multidisciplinary groups from various industries, including design, architecture, technology, and social sciences. Groups may include 2 to 5 persons.

Participating designers and groups are expected to create plans that can be implemented industrially. The competition is open to both professionals and students.

Welcome to the launch seminar

The competition is to be launched on 1 September at the Home Revisited seminar that also features interesting speeches on future homes. Keynote speakers are to cover the concept of home in context with social, global and technological development.

The first speaker is architect Helena Sandman who is currently preparing her doctoral thesis on home. She approaches the concept in view of opportunities and challenges for the economies of the developing countries.

Second keynote speaker is architect and designer Ilkka Suppanen who shall speak about the new ways of living, including mobility and part-time homes in several places.

Speakers will also participate in a panel discussion focusing on the theme in question and chaired by professor Hannu Kähönen, a board member at the Asko Foundation.

Home Revisited launch seminar
G18, Yrjönkatu 18, Helsinki
1 September from 3 to 5 pm

For further information visit: http://askonsaatio.fi