Human City Design Award 2021

Posted on: 10. September 2021

In 2018, Seoul City declared itself the “Human City Design Seoul.” The Human City Design Seoul Declaration pursues the common goal of a sustainable urban ecosystem aiming for a harmonious relationship between people and the environment.
As people around the world are increasingly living in urban areas, cities must cope with many socioeconomic and environmental issues. Cities face challenges such as rising social inequality, housing and energy crises, unemployment, climate change, aging populations and the recent pandemic crisis and many more. We believe Design is an important tool for cohesion and social transformation and to create the best living conditions for people. The complexity of urban challenges requires interdisciplinary and collaborative participation with design and citizens.
In response, the Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the international Human City Design Award in 2019 to celebrate designers or groups that use creative design to address complex urban environment problems and therefore contribute to building a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between people and people, people and society, people and the environment, and people and nature. The global health crisis that began in 2020 has made us aware of the necessity to reinvent our cities to ensure a better quality of life for humanity.
With the Human City Design Award, we wish to highlight design projects from all fields through Product, Process, Place, and Promise and learn about their Impact, Innovation and Social Inclusivity for people and society. This award is a window to communication and a platform of best practices, helping us understand what design can do to improve our everyday lives and inspire other cities.
Now, in 2021, we are pleased to announce the call for entry for the 3rd Human City Design Award.

Hard Facts:

Award Name 2021 Human City Design Award
Theme Design for Sustainable City for a harmonious relationship between human, society and the environment
  • To establish a sustainable urban ecosystem promoting a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment through design
  • To expand design’s power to address and heal social problems globally as a creative solution to complex urban issues
  • To enable the design sector contribute to the advancement of mankind
Core Values Creativity and Innovation, Sustainability, Publicness and Sharing, Participation and Cooperation, Impact and Inspiration
Area Less than 5 years’ implemented design projects that contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between human and human, human and society,
human and the environment and human and nature (Product, Visual, Digital/Multimedia, Space/System, Service/Experience/Social, etc.)
Eligibility Individuals or groups who are of design-related major and/or have design-related career
Host Seoul Metropolitan Government
Organizer Seoul Design Foundation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO Creative Cities Network, World Design Organization(WDO), Cumulus, World Silk Road University Federation,
Human City EU Network, Korea Federation of Design Organizations, etc

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