Human City Design Award in 2019 Seoul Design Week

Posted on: 11. June 2019

Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

In 2018, Seoul City declared “Human City Design Seoul”.

The Declaration is a response to what the world needs now, with our society convinced that we must overcome the harmful effects of human alienation or materialism, and design a sustainable urban environment in which people can enjoy creative lives regardless of gender, age, financial wealth, and health or disability that one may have.

Hoping Seoul City would serve as a communication framework to build an urban ecosystem where people and the environment prosper together under a platform of coexistence that seeks sustainability and wellness for our civilization.

Seoul City and Seoul Design Foundation will give out the “Human City Design Award“, an award that combines the concept of social design and global outlook of Asia as an organic entity, starting in 2019.

The award will be given to the project, which has contributed to ensuring people and people, people and the society, people and the environment can create even more harmonious and sustainable relationships. In design field.


There will be a variety of benefits including prize money (100,000,000won(KRW) , approx. 85,000 USD) and international exhibition in DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza). Primary application will be in July. We look forward to your interest and recommendation.



Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

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