Multidisciplinary architecture competition // Development of the Peter-McGill Centre

Posted on: 16. June 2020

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Montréal is launching a multidisciplinary architecture competition to develop the Peter-McGill Centre, in order to create a vibrant and revitalizing flagship project for the neighbourhood.

Purpose of competition

The project in question consists primarily of transforming the interior of a base building with a footprint of approximately 5,310 m2 into a vibrant centre with a fluid, intuitive layout that combines the functions of a library, cultural centre, and social and community spaces.

The project will foster and maintain a sense of belonging and representativeness in the community while emphasizing the centre’s presence within the building complex, its urban setting, and the neighbourhood as a whole.

The new project will form the neighbourhood’s nerve centre, serving as a forum for public innovation and a focal point for citizens and organizations who develop activities in tune with today’s needs in order to create a better tomorrow—a venue for culture as a vector of change and citizen empowerment.

One of the challenges for the Peter-McGill Centre identified by key stakeholders—citizens, employees, artists, experts, and amateurs alike—is to make digital culture more people-centred and harness it as a force for social cohesion.

Lastly, music will serve as the ideal universal language for building bridges between cultures. During public consultations, music was identified as an essential component of the centre’s functions, spaces, and programming.

The project’s construction budget is $13,853,942 plus taxes.


Type of competition

This competition is:

  • a multidisciplinary architecture competition…
  • …that will result in a completed project,
  • aimed at applicants from Canada or member countries of the European Union (i.e., a province or territory covered by an intergovernmental agreement on the opening of public procurement),
  • held in two stages—the first being an application file and the second being a prepared presentation by no more than four finalists (multidisciplinary teams) selected by the jury.



Eligible applicants will include at least:

  • one sponsoring architect,
  • one structural engineer with 5 years’ experience,
  • one LEED AP or AE mechanical engineer with 5 years’ experience,
  • one LEED AP or AE electrical engineer with 5 years’ experience,
  • one co-ordinating architect with 10 years of professional experience and who has carried out at least one project of a scope comparable to the project covered by the competition,
  • one design architect with at least 5 years’ experience,
  • one LEED AP architect with at least 5 years’ experience,
  • one interior designer with at least 5 years’ experience.

Teams must be composed of professionals who are members in good standing of their professional orders or of a national association governing the right to practice in their respective fields and be authorized under applicable laws to practice in Québec.



The jury is identical for both stages and is composed of the following members:



Applicants (Stage 1)
No fees or compensation are paid for this stage of the competition.

Finalists (Stage 2)
Each finalist who has given a presentation deemed in compliance with the competition rules will receive a lump sum of $86,500 plus taxes.

The maximum budget for the winner’s professional fees is $1,990,000 plus taxes (including the amount paid for Stage 2).


Documents and application

Competition documents (program and rules) can be obtained on the SÉAO electronic tendering system from June 2, 2020 to July 16, 2020.

Only applications from people who have downloaded the documents through the SÉAO system will be considered



The complete files for all proposals and presentations must be received by the following dates:

Stage 1 / Proposal file
July 16, 2020, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EDT

Stage 2 / Finalist presentations
October 22, 2020, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EDT

Important: due to the health crisis, documents may only be filed on the day of the deadline between 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.



Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the city may be forced to change the deadlines or jury presentation arrangements as the situation evolves.


All communication should be emailed to professional advisor Michelle Décary at