Registration for the 2022 Street Design Challenge is open!

Posted on: 1. September 2022

The event  is a two-day competition for university students to share their vision on how public space design can improve quality of life in our communities.Starting on 12th November 2022, the Street Design Challenge aims to raise awareness about the discussions happening at the COP27, the effects of climate change in the urban environment, how much it detriments our quality of life, and what actions are necessary to turn our cities into more liveable, enjoyable, and equal environments, ensuring none is left behind.

During the challenge, groups of university students, assisted by their professors, will work on a proposal to tackle issues present in a foreign street, considering its different territorial, social, financial, and cultural backgrounds. In this year’s edition, the teams will be challenged to create a proposal to revamp a peri-urban street through biophilic design.

Each team will be matched with a street from another member city of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and receive an in-depth briefing, created by a city expert, detailing the current situation and a list of priorities that should be addressed in the proposal. After the challenge begins, teams will have 48 hours to submit their projects in the specified format.

Challenge theme: revamping a peri-urban street through biophilic design

The timeline of the challenge is outlined below.

  • Open call for cities: 25th August.
  • Registration: cities must register to enter the challenge prior to 18th September.
  • Question and answers sessions for cities and teams: October 2022.
  • Submission of the street profile and teams’ details: participating cities must send the details to the organisers by 17th October.
  • Challenge days: 12th to 14th November.
  • Analysis of the proposals and jury evaluation: approximately 1 month.
  • Announcement of winners and meeting event: December 2022 (tentative).


Download the concept note to learn more.

Registration takes only a few minutes. When you’re ready, please use the  link here to confirm your city’s participation in this year’s edition!



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