Resource Light, Graz 2017 – open call

Posted on: 27. February 2017

In 2017, the Department for Art in Public Space Styria (KIÖR) is for the first time holding a single-stage open-call realisation competition, in the frame of which local and regional upcoming artists and internationally established artists are invited to engage in the multifaceted topic of “Resource Light”. Projects selected from the call for submissions will be implemented at several public locations in Graz and be accessible to the public from April/May 2017.

Participation criteria:

  • All artists, artist collectives and artists of any nationality from the age of 18 are entitled to participate in the call, irrespective of their artistic standing.
  • We are looking for innovative project ideas involving all forms of light art such as installations, sculptures, interventions, actions, projections, performances and light technology (LED, OLED, laser, etc.)
  • As far as technology, materials, and thematic content are concerned, there is no limit to your creativity, as long as your work has to do with a form of light and it achieves visible effects by day or by night.
  • Projects may involve using artificial or natural light.
  • Interactive or participative concepts are also welcome.
  • Principally, participants are free to select any location for their project within the urban area of Graz. However, please note that the chosen location will be checked for suitability. Possible project locations include streets, building facades, courtyards and squares as well as parks and other green areas in public space.
  • Regulations concerning traffic safety, neighbourhood protection and nature protection, amongst others, must be observed.
  • The projects should be designed specifically for Graz or at least be adapted accordingly.
  • Projects – i.e. temporary projects only – should be designed for an exhibition period of approximately six weeks.

Selection criteria:
A jury made up of national and international experts on light art will select several small and large-scale projects from those submitted. The number of selected projects will depend on the total available budget.Following criteria, in particular, will play a decisive role: quality, innovation, practicability, relevance of the selected theme in today’s social, cultural and political context, and adaptation of the idea to the site-specific requirements of the public realm in Graz. Results of the selection process will be published on the Institute’s website in mid-November.

Project implementation:
There is no fixed sum to cover the project costs of each small or large-scale project. Projects costs are funded on an individual basis from a total budget of EUR 100,000. The submitted project costs include all costs, i.e. of production, technology, installation and de-installation, restoration of location and expenses (for travel and accommodation, etc.) as well as the fee, etc. KIÖR will do their best
to support participating artists with their project work (organisation, press and networking). Projects from this call will be comprehensively documented and published in the 2016/17 annual report of which a copy will be issued to all participants.

What you need to know about locations in Graz:

  • Light intensity at night: regulations relating to traffic safety, neighbourhood protection (neighbourhood law) and nature protection, etc., must be observed.
  • Noise level: City of Graz noise protection regulations
  • Permits: Straßenamt (local road authority), nature protection agency, ASVK (Expert Commission on the Historic Centre of Graz), Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments, etc.
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Restoration of location
  • Avoid damage to existing surrounding area

Submission documents:

  • Personal information (full name, address, date of birth, e-mail and phone number)
  • Description of artistic activities
  • Project description
  • Explanatory photos, videos and sketches Detailed statement of costs (production including necessary technology, fees and expenses, permits, installation and de-installation, and restoration of location)
  • Specification of desired location in Graz urban area and/or requirements such a location should need

Project submission:
Upload-area will be activated here in mid-july.
1 GB maximum
File formats: PDF, JPG, and MP4
For administrative reasons, we accept digital submissions only.

Deadline: 30 September 2016, no later than 12 pm (noon)

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