Shenzhen Global Design Award

Posted on: 15. September 2017

In parallel with the Shenzhen Design Week, the Shenzhen Global Design Award is organized to recognize and reward outstanding designers, and to enhance exchanges between designers at home and abroad.
The Award aims to discover designers with creativity, vision, foresight, and influence. It also aims to enhance the exchanges and cooperation among all designers from different countries and inspire the industrialization of creative designs as well as the promotion of creative design concept.
The Shenzhen Design Award is supported by the Organizing Committee of the Shenzhen Design Week, and organized by the Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA).

Awards and Prizes
Grand Award: 200.000 USD
2 Gold Awards: each 100.00 USD
4 Silver Awards: each 50.000 USD
10 Bronze Awards: each 20.000 USD

Registration and Submission

The competition is open to individual designers and teams.

Entries must be works that are complete, (in the case of commercial products) in the market, being mass-produced, or functional prototypes that can be displayed before preliminary evaluation. Entries must be completed between 1st January 2015 and 30th September 2017.
Models, renderings, conceptual works, show flats, prototypes, artists’ impressions of designs, designs that are still under development are not eligible as entries.
The entry must be submitted by the design’s owner or client, the brand’s owner, its designer or its design consultancy.


For the first edition in 2017, we welcome industrial and product designs in the following categories.

Information & Communications Technology Products
Computers and information technology, Computer accessories, Communication devices, Camera & camcorder, Audio & Visual Products, Smart devices, etc.

Leisure & Entertainment Products
Entertainment technology devices, Gifts & crafts, Outdoor, Leisure & sports, Games & hobby product design, etc.

Household Appliances
Living room / bedroom, Kitchen / dinning, Bathrooms / spas, Electronic products, etc.

Home ware
Tableware and decoration, Lighting, Furniture / home textiles, etc.

Professional & Commercial Products
Vehicles(land, water, aerospace), Medicine / health care, Special vehicles / construc- tion, Agriculture, Electronic devices, etc.


Registration and Application

Entrants must register on the official website of the Award and upload supporting documents (all materials must be written in English) before 18:00, 1st March 2018 (Beijing time) by following the steps below:

Create user name and password before logging in;
Read and agree to terms and conditions;
Complete personal/team information;
Complete designs description form (one entry one form);
Upload photo of individual or teams;


Optional materials requirement and arrangement
Photos: All photos should be uploaded on theAward website. Maximum 10 photos for each item submitted. All photos should be in JPEG format, over 300dpi and no more than 1024*768 pixels each. MUST be actual photos without special effects.
PPT files: Maximum 10 slices for each item submitted and should be uploaded on the website.
Video: Maximum 5 minutes, MP4 format only, must be recorded on a DVD and DVD only, before shipping to the Secretariat. Unoriginal scores or music must come with copyright authorization.
Animation and other program files: Must be recorded on a DVD and DVD only, before shipping to the Secretariat.
Display board: NOT bigger than 90cm x 120cm.



SDA Secretariat
Room 102, Innovation Center, 4th Building, E-Hub, Qianhai Shenzhen, China, 518054
Phone: +86 755 6661 9308