Street Design Challenge 2023

Posted on: 23. August 2023

A two-day competition for university students to share their vision of how public space design can improve the quality of life in communities.

The Street Design Challenge is inspired by the need for climate action and is a call for UNESCO Creative Cities to participate in its third edition. The theme for this year is “Tactical Urbanism to Reduce Heat Islands in Cities,” addressing the environmental phenomenon of higher temperatures in urban areas compared to surrounding rural landscapes.

Starting on 29th October 2023, interdisciplinary groups of university students will collaborate on developing proposals to mitigate heat islands in foreign city streets. Each team will be paired with a street from another participating city and will receive an in-depth briefing from a local expert.

Cities are invited to join by providing a street profile and engaging with local universities. For more details about the challenge and to register, visit the website below and download the Concept Note.



F U R T H E R   I N F O R M A T I O N

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Wuhan – Cindy

Curitiba – Guilherme Zuchetti

Querétaro – Ana