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    19. Apr 2018

Turkey’s the largest and most important city of Istanbul, is among the world’s one of the most prominent metropolises with 8500 years of history, about 15 million inhabitants and the economic power it represents. İstanbul is a historic city that encounters, transitions and interactions spread to two continents.

The city, which has been the center of numerous civilizations, cultures and international trade throughout history, is a source of inspiration for its traditional crafts, forms of production and innovative design ideas with the multi-layered cultural heritage.

Istanbul carried out the Presidency of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG-MEWA) for three terms and recieved the title of European Capital of Culture. Approximately 140,000 people are employed in creative sectors in the city and 74.5% of the turnover from creative sectors in Turkey is produced in İstanbul.

In İstanbul, various organizations are being held in related to the creative industries every year, especially in the field of design. There are many activities about to organization which aimed at increasing “design” awareness, solving global design challenges and creating solutions, and improving the design potential of the Istanbul such as; Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey Design Week, Eco-Design Conference and the Istanbul Fashion Week.

Istanbul has multi-tiered activity venues, including 41 congress centers and 225 art galleries that allow organizations of different scales to be realized. In 2016, the city hosted 4,315 cultural events, including international film, music and theater festivals with art and design biennials.



The design content will be enriched by giving a different dimension to the design literature of the local governments on the global scale with the works to be carried out in Istanbul which is the title of “Design City”. Within this scope, projects to be carried out; will be implemented within the framework of participation, interaction, awareness raising and development.

A center will be established to bring together and support Istanbul design ecosystem stakeholders, international cooperation and experience sharing, which will be carried out in the long term of Design City Programs, encouraging interdisciplinary work, providing a space with high technological space. All projects determined within the scope of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) strategies will be executed, requested and reported by Istanbul Design Bureau. This design bureau will also be in contact with UNESCO to provide that support programs are implemented and new projects are produced.

Other projects, which are with in the scope of İstanbul City of Design will be carried out in fields of industry, handcraft and artisans. Thus, all data and studies will be collected that related to artisans, contemporary design and creative industry and encouraged to increase these works in İstanbul.

On the other hand, Istanbul Design City Summit will bring a new dimension to the design city title. This summit will create a platform in which urban issues can be addressed by designers and creative sectors to provide integrated design solutions and interdisciplinary partnerships can be established for flexible, sustainable design focused cities.

Facts and Figures


Istanbul, Turkey


Approximately 15,030,000 people
(The largest city of Turkey)


5.461 km2

Educational Institutions

58 Universities (777.000 higher education students)

69 Museum (Source: TUIK, 2016)

2010 European Capital of Culture

A bridge between Asia and Europe

Capital of Empires (Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire)

Contribution to the Turkish Economy: $ 350 million

Contribution to Total Turnover in Creative Sectors: 74.5%

Average age: 30 years

Number of Technology Development Area: 7

1 Million Workforce

021 Vocational and Technical School

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