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The Project
Design to business is a format of Creative Industries Styria. It connects companies of traditional economy with designers. Thus, laying the foundation stone for new products and services. Professional design is therefor used as a targeted competitive strategy to improve market opportunities. Designers, in turn, get the opportunity to work directly in the company and to create new solutions for clearly defined tasks.

Creativity is the most valuable resource for economic success. Hence a thoughtful and smart design concept plays a key role, because it is design that creates the element of differentiation essential for the economic success of a product or a company. The cities within the UNESCO City of Design network have made it their business to share and reflect on good and successful methods, formats and projects. We want to learn from each other and together continue working on further developing these “best practice cases” to contribute to a better and more efficient utilisation of design within the economic context.

Project Concept
The format consists of the following steps. Throughout the process, they serve as a guideline for the organiser, the company and the designers.

  1. Desire from the company for a new solution to maintain and establish its position on the market
  2. Work out of the task, followed by a call
  3. Submission of portfolios from the designers / Selection of designers by the company
  4. A cooperation agreement clarifies the legal framework before the project is launched.
  5. Working on the concept within 4 to 8 weeks / on-site support by Creative Industries Styria
  6. Concept presentation. In the ideal case, both sided continue their cooperation.
  7. Documentation and communication of the process by Creative Industries Styria


Business Model
The costs for the company are 2.000 Euros. The designer gets 1.500 Euros, 500 Euros are for Creative Industries Styria.


Creative Industries Styria
Eberhard Schrempf (Managing Director)
E: eberhard.schrempf@cis.at