5X5® programme

The Project
With the 5X5® programme Designregio Kortrijk teaches companies how to stay agile by setting up out of the box collaborations with creative minds and thus integrating design thinking within the company. Sharing expertise leads to synergy, or one plus one makes three.



Project Concept
The programme consists of 12 specific steps:

  1. Call / information session / recruit companies / recruit designers
  2. Select 5 companies
  3. Match company – senior designer
  4. Presentation of the matched companies and designers
  5. Creativity workshop by Innowiz
  6. Design brief
  7. Match company – senior designer – junior designer
  8. Execute design brief
  9. Definition of the specific design direction
  10. Expert meeting
  11. Concept for presentation
  12. Presentation at major event

Designregio Kortrijk has developed a licence model around the 5X5® expertise, allowing the licensee to give regional companies a boost in design thinking. As a licensee you can roll out multiple 5X5® programmes. To that end the licensor provides the licensee with:

  • all necessary knowledge on the tried-and-tested 12 step-programme, including tips & tricks, best practices and tools;
  • access to the community of companies and designers that already participated in a 5X5® programme;
  • communication on the cases and branding of the 5X5® trademark.


Business Model
Methodology cost = licence fee: based on location, geographical exclusivity
Project in = + €125K, out = – €115K, result = + €10K (costs based on model in Belgium)

Designregio Kortrijk
Stijn Debaille (Managing Director)
E: stijn@designregio-kortrijk.be