Commerce Design Kortrijk Award

Commerce Design ©Fort07

The Project
With Commerce Design Kortrijk, we want to demonstrate that design-oriented or commercial adjustments to commercial businesses not only have a positive impact on the business itself, but also on the entire neighbourhood and even city and region.

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Project Concept
“Commerce Design” is an award program developed in Montreal, one of the partner cities of the city of Kortrijk in the UNESCO network. Ten other cities around the world already did it, now it’s Kortrijk’s turn. The competition is aimed at merchants who in recent years have invested in the architecture and commercial design of their business, making the city and its suburbs more lively, unique and attractive to both residents and visitors.Today, we want to reward these efforts and put our great creative and innovative businesses and designers in the spotlight.The Award program consists of a Jury Grand Prize and a Public’s Choice Award. Out of the subscriptions, the jury makes a selection of the shops they visited. Those selected receive the Jury Grand Prize and get the opportunity to get votes from the public. The one with the most votes wins the Public’s Choice Award.

Business Model
Cost: 20 000 EUR

Designregio Kortrijk


Commerce Design ©Jonas Verbeke