Experience Economy


Immerse yourself in the world of the Styrian economy. Experience companies firsthand and get deep insights into production processes with a guided tour.

What is it?

“Experience Economy“ makes the world of production visible and transparent. Different companies offer guided tours to give visitors more than just a glimpse into daily processes. You can experience economy with all your senses and learn how regional value creation works. Find out how high-tech products and specialties are created or how innovative ideas become reality. Surprises and plenty of aha moments are guaranteed.

The tours give individuals an understanding of the different processes and steps involved in producing a product as well as an insight into the different roles and responsibilities of the people working within the company. Every offered experience tour was professionally designed by designers of the network of Creative Industries Styria.

Anyone of all ages is welcome to gain exciting insights into a wide variety of companies. Children, teenagers and future employees as well as consumers that are interested in sustainability or excited about responsible production in Styria.

Who is behind it?

The team of Creative Industries Styria not only manages the project, but also bridges between the creative industries and economy, thus initiating sustainable cooperation. The constantly growing network enables collaboration and synergies, which create an advantage for all parties involved. In addition, Creative Industries Styria supports the project process from the first sign of interest to the concept and creation and to a continuous quality assurance and promotion of the tours.

Finally, it is a special concern of Creative Industries Styria to guarantee the quality of each tour and to thus create added value, which is equally relevant to the creative industries, the companies, the broad public and Styria as a business location. Hence, more and more appreciation for local products and respect for employees in the companies is developing, along with a strong bond between the creative, the innovative and the traditional economy.

By now, more than 50 companies offer experience tours in all Styrian regions.


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