CASE STUDY // Playground Equipment Lending Service

© Iida Jääskeläinen _Helsinki Arabia comprehensive school

Basic Information of the Project

Organizer: Arabia Comprehensive School, Helsinki

Design Process Phase Focus: Observation, Ideation, Experimentation

Objectives: To plan, test and evaluate a design project, which aimed to improve one’s own living environment.

What Was Done:

The students chose a UN Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well-being as an initial objective for their work. They identified development tasks and problems that they faced in their own living environment and everyday life. After brainstorming session, they chose one topic to solve. The identified problem was that students in comprehensive school exercised too little and spend almost the whole day sitting, both during lessons and breaks. Recess activities were only a few and more variety of opportunities were on students’ wish list. As their project work, the participating students designed a Playground Equipment Lending Service and a library card system to improve quality of the recess activities.

How Things Were Done:

The students borrowed a metal cart from the school diner for their prototype and attached recycled metal baskets to the cart. To create a loan card-system, the students listed all the items that were included in the service. Once a student came to borrow a playground equipment from the cart, the corresponding card was put into the basket while the equipment was in loan. Therefore, at the end of the recess, it was easy to identify, if anything was missing from the cart, and not yet to be returned to the service. The prototype became a permanent solution to the school.

Age Range of Case Participants:

7th graders, 12 year olds


Normal salary of the teachers, basic materials (such as cardboard) used at the premises

Materials Used in the Project:

Canva design application, cards, lamination machine, metal baskets, big metal cart, playground equipment

Good Practises / In This We Succeeded:

The students succeeded in desigining a project, which developed our school culture and well-being of our students.

Challenges We Faced / Things To Develop:

The project requires continuous maintenance. While developing the idea, the instructions for creative problem solving, is always difficult, but also part of the game.

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