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Part of the Bureau du design’s (in Montréal UNESCO City of Design) mandate is to support public commissions in design (eg, design workshops, design and architecture competitions). The Bureau, over the years and the many competitions it has launched or accompanied, has developed its own guidelines and standards to ensure that the calls it launches are ethical and fair, and respect the designers.

When the Bureau du design is invited to promote a call from another member of the UCCN, it needs to meet our standards. Since the network is growing rapidly, more and more competitions are being launched; the Bureau felt it was a good time to suggest general principles to our network colleagues who might not be familiar with the competition process.

At the XII. Annual Meeting in Krakow/Katowice (Poland) the majority of all UNESCO Cities of Design representatives agreed on sharing regulations for endorsing competitions, awards, and other calls for participation. Now the UNESCO Cities of Design proudly present those General Principles for Endorsing and Disseminating Calls for Partizipation in Design Competitions or Awards within the UCCN published on June 27, 2018.