1st Wuhan Design Biennale Catalogue (2011)

Book presentation. Binding Design/Visual Art

The 1st Wuhan Design Biennale was held in Wuhan in November 2011. It was the largest design exhibition in Wuhan’s history. The Biennale showcased 100 pieces, which included 11 excellent modern buildings in Wuhan and over 50 architectural design units and some construction companies in Wuhan. These classic projects were transformed into art pieces such as prints and watercolor paintings through the meticulous work of artists, achieving a perfect blend of architectural design and visual art. After the Biennale, Wuhan carefully compiled the “1st Wuhan Design Biennale Catalogue”, which will be permanently preserved as an art archive.

The book’s binding design draws on modern design culture concepts and incorporates Eastern and Western cultural ideas. It has a modern architectural feel and pays close attention to the continuation of historical culture in its details. The catalogue helps Wuhan residents and people in the architectural field understand the historical context and urban landscape of Wuhan, playing an important role in promoting the development and prosperity of regional culture.

Author(s): Yongmin, Xu; Li, Wang
Book year: 2012
Country: P.R. China