Archithese Bahrain

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Bahrain is an archeoplego made of 33 islands located in the eastern part of the Arab world. Despite its small land area, it has played a central role in the development of the Gulf region from commerce to culture and city life. Muharraq is one such city that has drawn traders, pearl merchants for centuries. In 2012 the Pearling Path within the city of Muharraq was designated a World Heritage site. The site made of several historic buildings is a testimony of its millennia-old pearl collecting tradition and the globally significant single-product island economy and social system it produced. This designation has helped the city in preserving its architectural heritage whilst also infusing the city with contemporary architectural interventions. This issue delves into the work that has been done in the city bringing new life and energy to the city landscape.

Book year: 2022
Country: Bahrain