Cornershop of Daydreams Scenographers of cumulative and collective deviance

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The Cornershop of Daydreams is a project by artists Metincan Güzel, Yun-Chu Liang and Ila Colley and is realised as part of Designregio Kortrijk’s international residency programme for young designers. The Cornershop of Daydreams acts as an agency that sets the scene for moments of collective dreaming. It is a contextual vehicle for the designers to explore how daydreaming can disrupt our daily life.

Metincan, Yun and Ila present their literary work, taking you through their inspiring journey, which they have managed to document in a unique way. Find out all about their approach, research, concepts, and amazing outcomes including PIPE DREAMS, 16-bar mythical city and corner slice blueprint.


Author(s): Designregio Kortrijk
Book year: 2024
Country: Belgium