Design X50 – Designregio Kortrijk Award

Book presentation. Product/Design/Concepts Book


Designregio Kortrijk likes to put a spotlight on the best and most innovative regional products. In 2019, the concepts of design thinking and sustainability were central to the jury’s choice for the DesignX50 Awards.From delicate light creations in the shape of a Japanese lotus, through invisible doors, smart backpacks and modular swings, to state-of-the-art home automation and solutions in the fight against skin cancer. The variety of contemporary, creative design products is immense and fuels the belief in a positive development of the future. Tim F. Vander Mensbrugghe focuses in an introductory essay on the exact meaning of design thinking. He lets experts speak and tests the definition against practice by talking to exciting young entrepreneurs.This is a book for everyone who loves innovation, product development and creative entrepreneurship.

Author(s): Tim F. Van der Mensbrugghe et al.
Book year: 2019
Country: Belgium
Graphic Design: Tim Bisschop
Publisher :Hannibal Publishing