Book presentation. Children's book


Materiales is a very graphic book that shows ten basic materials used throughout Mexican history until nowadays. By highlighting materials used in pre-Hispanic times, the book preserves and promotes the rich cultural heritage of Querétaro. This deep connection to history and tradition is a cornerstone of modern design, which often draws inspiration from local cultures and historical contexts.The book serves as an educational tool, introducing young readers to the materials and techniques of the past. This educational aspect fosters an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and design, inspiring future generations to incorporate these elements into contemporary creative practices.Many pre-Hispanic materials and techniques were inherently sustainable. Showcasing these practices in the book aligns with current design trends that emphasize sustainability and environmentally conscious design. This connection highlights Querétaro’s commitment to eco-friendly design solutions.Fundación Cultural Armella Spitalier is an imprint specializing in the Mesoamerican world. They publish academic books on various topics of historical interest and children’s books with which they seek to promote that the little ones approach pre-Hispanic history for their own pleasure.

Author(s): Fundación Cultural Armella Spitalier
Book year: 2017
Country: México