Muharraq – Architectural Heritage of Bahraini City

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The book focuses on the architectural heritage of Muharraq, an important historic town in the Kingdom of Bahrain and also the Gulf region. It is based on Dr. John Yarwood’s detailed study of the town, which was carried out during his work in Bahrain from 1983 to 1985. Publishing Dr Yarwood’s work is not only a recognition of the authenticity and comprehensiveness of his work that remains till today the most original and complete piece of research about the traditional architecture and urbanism of Muharraq. It is also an acknowledgement of the continuing validity of the issues and lessons discussed even at that time, especially the destructive impacts of rapid urbanisation on the traditional areas in Bahrain and the need for a comprehensive conservation strategy.


Author(s): John R. Yarwood, Souheil El-Masri
Book year: 1991,2005
Country: Bahrain