Public project of art and design – Transform now

This project involved a collaboration with schools to highlight school-based and community projects to improve well-being and quality of life of those in need.

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Transform now in Wuhan, a city of creativity

How the case links to the UN sustainable development goal: 

  • Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

What Was Done:

  • Over 10,000 teenagers were organized to learn things about culture, history, geography, science, etc. Artist and designers from home and abroad were invited to teach them creative design with 40 classes in 3 units. Over 100 field trips and 160 more art design classes were held with more than 20,000 pieces.
  • 20 artist and designers from home and abroad were invited to redesign the teenager pieces with teenagers to create over 200 works of Transform now.
  • 8 exhibitions with over 800 works by more than 500 creators were held in galleries, art parks, communities, malls, schools, subway and airport.
  • 7 teenager-design campaign and collecting activities with more than 10,000 participants were held nationally.
  • 30 more designing products covering anime, game, advertising and cultural and living commodities were produced with enterprises and organizations.


How Things Were Done:

We tried to make connections among children, between children and adults, children and city, design and non-design, expert and non-expert and art and life. Design and art are catalyst for emotion and creativity, channels for connecting human and society, environment and ecology under modernization and globalization, rather than targets of education. Our target is to enlighten and stimulate children with society-based and problem-oriented package. This is a social research and public design project with sociality and humanity as well as an education project through design.

As an NGO, Ruopu Space boasts a variety of social resources including government, universities, private organizations and designers from home and abroad. Its branches locate in 13 districts in Wuhan and suburb as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Yangzhou and Suzhou to popularize designing information to children.

Good Practices:

  • A systematic art design education mode was established aiming at cultivating social responsibility and critical thinking capability.Brand new experiences and possibilities are provided to artists and designers.
  • Children’s creative design is popularized in the society and the world though Wuhan Biennale, Kobe Biennale and Seoul Design Cloud.


Wuhan Ruopu Art Space
Name: Liu Yezi