the idea is to activate the content of very small spaces through creative innovation.

What is it?

Shanghai Yuyuan Road is an artistic street for a fashionable lifestyle. With a history of over 100 years, this 850-metre-long road is very hot for shopping and leisure. In 2019, the “Story Store” was born in a 10-square-meter space on Yuyuan Road, with a mission to commercialize interesting design stories. The Story Store operates as a “co-work” between designers and owners. Every month, with a different theme, various innovative products are released. This approach has sparked the creativity of designers and artists, providing them with a platform to showcase kinds of design in different disciplines.



Good Practice

In 2023, over 20 emerging brands have co-worked with more than 10 cutting-edge designers and niche artists for innovative applications. Examples include interdisciplinary from students of Donghua University, and exhibitions featuring NFT illustration works by independent illustrators. Every day, it attracts a large number of visitors of different ages who also write down their interesting stories. Shanghai’s design and creativity are fully showcased in this way, the design stories extend their reach to a broader audience.




Pan Jin
UNESCO creative cities Shanghai Promotion Office