Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Book presentation. Communication Design

The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is a landmark of the construction boom in China and a cultural icon of Wuhan. It carries the glory and dreams of several generations of Wuhan residents, connecting the city’s past and future. The book “Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge” uses the bridge as a vehicle to present a cultural and memory history of Wuhan. The authors employ visual communication as the main thread, combining anthropological fieldwork, sociological statistical analysis, and non-fiction narrative techniques. This approach endows the book with valuable documentary significance while providing readers with a unique reading experience.The book’s authors, Liu Yu and Liu Mengying, a father and daughter, are professionals at the Wuhan Art Museum. For the writing of this book, they consulted extensive materials in libraries and archives, visited various old markets to collect over 2,000 related documents and artifacts, and interviewed more than 100 people.

Author(s): Yu, Liu; Mengying,Liu
Book year: 2017
Country: P.R. China