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2018 Seoul Design Cloud

17 - 26 Sep 2018

SEOUL_2018 SDC © Seoul Design Foundation

Three design events representing Seoul have been integrated into one lively festival under a single title. The Seoul Design Cloud 2018 encompasses the Seoul Design Week, the Seoul Fashion Week, and the Seoul Upcycling Week, providing a communication and sharing channel through which designers, citizens, students as well as design experts, domestic and overseas networks, corporations and organizations, schools and local communities share their ideas and discuss directions.

The Seoul Design Cloud 2018 held a variety of programs including conferences, exhibitions, markets, events, and contests. Especially, at the Sustainable Human City Design Conference, participants including 9 Asian CODs and 11 Human cities from Europe shared numerous urban design studies. They also sought ways for mutually beneficial relationship between imaginations of new designs and traditional industries through various exhibitions and markets involving young designers and small business owners.

Further Information

See the official website here.

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