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07 Apr - 25 Aug 2020

Automobile is the most representative object of mobility uses evolutions, starting from the Ford T, issued from Detroit factory on 27th September 1908, to the Tesla Robotaxi, which launch is planned on 2020. Car is both a flagship industrial product and a universally desired consuming good.

An iconic design object, automobile has passed through styles and trends. It continuously proposes innovative forms, textures, materials, signs, but it also comes along with a persistent evolution of practices and uses of moving. Though automobile is living both a technological and an identity crisis.

Until now, the history of automobile has been linear, but its next future gives signs of radical disruptions. From the Google car to the semi-automated systems of urban logistics, passing by the multiple forms of last km mobility (kick scooters, electrical bikes, personal mobility services, delivery platforms, etc.), the automobile field is living a real shift. So do its economy and its design.

Auto-fiction is an exhibition and a programme of cultural and scientific events produced by Cité du design to lead a reflection on these issues. The exhibition will propose a trip through the culture of automotive design, from its technological and social evolutions to the autonomous vehicle as central subject of studies.