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Bandung Design Biennale 2019

01 - 31 Oct 2019

Bandung Design Biennale 2019

Bandung is going to hold its second Design Biennale in October 2019, with the theme “Lebaran Desain“. Lebaran is among the biggest holidays in Indonesia, when the Moslems celebrate the end of Ramadhan Month. During Lebaran, special dishes are served, families travel long distances to reunite, friends and neighbours gather, houses are open for visitors, people wear their best, fortunes and happiness are shared. These are what exactly we want to reflect during the month; where Design and all its ecosystems and stakeholders spread peace and joy all over the city through exhibitions, gatherings, open houses, and so on. During the open call (and it’s still ongoing), more than 123 Bandung local brands, products, studios and campuses are already registered as participants.

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See the official website here – bandungdesignbiennale.com (coming soon)
Instagram @bandungdesignbiennale (will be updated soon)



Bandung Design Biennale 2019

Review 2017

Bandung Design Biennale presents SHAU – Suryawinata Heinzelmann Architecture Urbanism: It is one of the architecture and urbanism office based in Bandung with lots of prestige accomplishment and reputation, both in national and international scale.