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Beautific Break – innovative universal Artwork made of Tape

30 Apr - 29 May 2016

Foto: LiaMIa

Tape Over is a Tape art collective from Berlin that will create an innovative universal artwork made of tape, graffiti, painting and light and in the form of a wave for Designmonat Graz.

The origin of the collective, founded in 2011 as a duo and by now counting six members, is to be found in the electro-subculture-scene of Berlin. This is why the electro-underground-clubs of the city were the first creative playground and important source of inspiration for the artists. Their Tape art style combines both the elements of Street art and Urban art and is characterized most of all by diversity and the love for detail, which is expressed by organic and abstract shapes as well as restrained design.

Three members of the collective are working on the Designmonat Graz project ‘Beautific Break’: Apart from LaMia (Lamia Michna) as art director, tape artist Rob (Robert König) and the painter and graffiti artist Falkland (Falk Borchel) will stage a wave made of tape, graffiti, painting and light at designHalle. It will rise as a three-dimensional installation in space and as a two-dimensional artwork on the walls – a universal artwork composed of single artworks. The viewers will be able to experience a fascinated visual game of micro and macro perspectives.

Duration: April 30 to May 29, 2016
Location: designHalle | Lazarettgürtel 62, 8020 Graz