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Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

28 Apr - 22 Aug 2021

The challenge is to move away from a known trajectory to address societal issues and to address ecological and societal challenges. The path is uncertain, the design is a tool to implement alternatives.
Change happens on a daily basis, but it is a collective matter, at all scales. This reflection therefore puts the emphasis on plural approaches: we wish to question the modes of consumption, production, public policies, etc.
When we change direction, we are opening a path. We do not know its route or its destination.

UNESCO Forum (Date to be announced)
Themes of exhibitions
Domestic spaces
History and future of our daily living spaces.
Focus on automotive to think about mobility.
Industrial objects related to the moving body.
A space for debate on production methods.
Laboratory to experiment with new methods of learning and creation.
Cities and countryside in Africa
Projects that improve the living environment in key areas: health, mobility, food, public spaces.