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Bilbao Art District

18 - 27 May 2019

Photo: Ilustración 1. Bilbao Ekintza

Bilbao Art District is a public-private initiative with the objective of promoting the activity carried out from the city’s artistic and cultural fabric as a strategic element in its development and projection towards the future.

It aims to be a project that is inspiring, open, inclusive and which unlocks potential for the city as a whole, considering Bilbao as a unique artistic district and the entire metropolis as a creative ecosystem. Without breaking from promoting the multiplicity of its artistic facilities and institutions, it aspires to transcend the nature of a setting where art is consumed to become a stakeholder that drives recognition of the new role of artistic creation in contemporary society through its social and cultural value, its innovating potential, and its capacity for generating development, thought, wealth and employment.

It works with the sector throughout the year to achieve the aforementioned objectives, but in May and October, specifically, it develops a special programme for the public and the sector as a whole in the city.

This initiative arose in 2013 driven and coordinated by Bilbao Ekintza, municipal company of Bilbao City Council, in which the Provincial Council of Biscay and the rest of the stakeholders of the visual arts in the city participate and collaborate, such as museums, galleries, production spaces, and so on.

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See the official website here.

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For any questions get in contact per email – bilbaoartdistrict@gmail.com