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17 - 27 Nov 2022


How do design and creativity vibrate and make us vibrate?
How do they resonate in our daily lives? How can we promote the development of the creative ecosystem in terms of diversity, cooperation and sustainability so that it is more vibrant? BBDW22 proposes an exercise to listen actively to the ecosystem, to pay attention to the rebounding echo of professionals, users and design itself, to recognise oneself, to value oneself and to think collectively about what we can do together.

BBDW is dedicating the 2022 and 2023 editions to listening and contributing to the interaction of the EC(H)O-SYSTEM of design and creativity in Bilbao-Bizkaia, hubs of innovation and collaboration. The aim is to highlight the creative agents of the region, to showcase their diversity (types, areas, career paths…) and to promote symbiotic and mutual relations, both among the creative sectors themselves and with other economic and social sectors.

BBDW22, under the title ERRESONANTZIA, focuses on “the ECHO”, as a vibrant acoustic phenomenon of listening and reverberation. We start with the concept of “Resonance”, of the sociologist Hartmut Rosa, as an attitude of profound listening, with the aim of enabling all the agents to speak with their own voices, in order to generate a common echo from the collective intelligence.

To observe how design and creativity are present in our lives, at home, at work, in our leisure activities, in the way we organise ourselves, in the products and services we use, in the small details. To listen with all our sense. To go more deeply into the context closest to home. To get to know the agents, their interests and proposals. To pay attention to what there is, what is already taking place, observing both the strengths to be developed and the points that need to be built upon and improved.

At this moment we are closing the final programme but this is a brief summary of the activities that will be included:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Guide visits
  • Exhibitions
  • Networkings
  • Performances




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