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D Week Curitiba

03 - 09 Nov 2015

D Week in Curitiba is a weeklong design festival organized by Centro de Brasil Design and Prodesign>pr. It takes place once a year and features national and international conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Curitiba brings the DNA of innovation for decades. During the D Week designers, enterprises and the general public can exchange information, promote brands and products, share experiences and, mainly, show the transforming power of design. There will be activities promoted by the academic community, institutions, industries and designers. The local commerce participates with the D%iscount Week with physical stores and e-commerce that will sell products of design at an affordable price.

According to Letícia Castro, executive director of Centro Brasil Design, the event will be prepared to foster the networking, the connection between the people and the interaction between the participants. “We want an environment in which the exchange of information will put design as the theme on the conversations and that contributes for the discovery of new opportunities”, says Letícia.

For more information please visit www.semanad.com.br