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Design Education Summit

04 Feb 2021

The 2nd edition of the Design Education Summit is a one-day virtual Summit to be held on 4 February 2021, organised by the DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) in partnership with the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre.


The Summit will provide participants with the opportunity to get up to date on the best practices in design education. You will be able to meet and collaborate with other educators and industry professionals, as well as pick up creative ideas and expand your network which can serve to benefit and empower our future generation.


The Summit will feature a diverse range of speakers who are involved in design and design education in various ways, with industry leaders like Pann Lim and Hong Khai Seng as well as local and overseaseducation leaders like Tang Soo Ying, Monica de Silva-Lim, Madhu Verma as well as Kim Saxe (US) and Pihla Meskanen (Finland). There will also be workshops to dive deeper into some of the hot button issues of the day and draw reference from successful implementation models and case studies.


Through presentations from industry and educational experts, panel sessions, flash talks by fellow educators and interactive workshops, the Summit will provide collaborative virtual opportunities for educators to co-develop strategies to cater to evolving design education needs and work on topics related to integrating design in education, preparing future ready-students and learning about various innovations in design education.

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For all enquiries regarding the call for stories, please write to: DEST_organizers@sutd.edu.sg