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Design Month Festival 2024

04 May - 02 Jun 2024

Our world is in upheaval. Crises and uncertainties dominate. The time for lip service is over. The question is “What now!” – what to do? What is needed now? The what and how of previous answers are not enough. We need a different what, a new how. We need new and different answers – solutions, visions and methods that offer a way out. What potential can we offer to counter the dystopias? One thing is clear: Not one discipline alone will “save the world”. It needs the creative power of many – it needs idea generators and implementers in many areas.

What now! How can we use our potential for a good future?

In different areas: Mobility, Food, Industry 4.0, Housing & Architecture or Circular Economy & Resources.We are looking for answers and scenarios to questions such as:

  • Mobility – own or use?Which mobility solutions will really move us forward?
  • Lab meat & co – how can scientific successes reach our bellies?
  • Waste as a raw material, repairing instead of producing – how can we boost the circular economy?
  • Industry & automation – how can industry return to cities?
  • Modular, sustainable, flexible building and living:What kind of architecture and urban design do people need?
  • How can we use AI as an opportunity instead of demonizing it?