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Design Month Graz // The Chairman

07 - 28 May 2022

In the exhibition “The Chairman” at the designforum Steiermark, the designer and architect Martin Mostböck shows how he approaches the challenge of an armchair design, which is considered the supreme discipline in design.

The architect and designer Martin Mostböck designs furniture, houses, interiors, everyday objects and is a border crosser between disciplines. In the exhibition “The Chairman” at the designforum Steiermark, Mostböck shows designs that were created in the last two decades. On display are armchairs and furniture that stand in the field of tension between art and serial product. Among other things, excellent museum pieces will be presented. But small series and serial products of individual pieces can also be studied in the show. In this way, it is possible to trace the wide world between experiment, craft, industry and sustainable design. The exhibition shows how connections between different areas are entangled and flow into the design process. Mostböck thereby attempts to make these invisible connections visible.

In the case of his well-known Flaxx Chair, which is published by Moroso, the initial idea was simply to design a four-legged cantilever chair. A Ducati racing bike inspired Mostböck to connect the chair’s legs. He copied the welded-together legs of the furniture from the rear swing arm of this motorcycle and transformed them into his functional and formal language. Again and again, he also emphasizes the importance of the personal relationship with the producers of his pieces, from the craftsman to the executive. Mostböck also emphasizes the regional and sustainable aspect of his work. So the chair produced by Braun Lockenhaus, extremely elegant and with nimble details, which Mostböck designed for the restaurant of top chef Konstantin Filippou, is not to be missed.

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