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Design Our Future Cities: 2023 UNESCO Creative Cities // Design Summit

26 Sep 2023

In order to further deepen and strengthen the collaborations among the UNESCO Cities of Design and with the support of the Secretariat of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the 2023 UNESCO Creative Cities Design Summit themed as Design Our Future Cities was successfully held on Sept 26th during the 2023 World Design Cities Conference.

Nearly a hundred participants representing more than 30 creative cities participated in the Summit sharing best practices and initiatives to explore solutions to the critical challenges the cities are facing.

Ms. Denise Bax, Chief of Communication for the Cities and Events Unit at UNESCO and Secretary of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, delivered a keynote speech titled The Road Ahead: “UNESCO Creative Cities” Development. In her speech, she shed light on the evolution of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and its role in guiding the continued progress of creative city development.



Mayors from creative cities, such as Bilbao, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand; Asahikawa, Japan; Braga, Portugal; Graz, Austria; and Turin, Italy, delivered a video speech, conveyed their warm congratulations and shared the vision and insights for designing a future city.



Representatives from Berlin, Doha, Asahikawa, Bandung, Bangkok, Cetinje, and Chiang Rai had presentations on the best practices and significant initiatives from different perspectives covering a broad spectrum of design insights, including interdisciplinary collaboration, a focus on the younger generation, co-creation, and shared language, linking elements, fostering resilience and regeneration, reflecting on history, and looking toward the future.




The “Shanghai Evaluation Index System for Design-Innovation City” was launched during the summit, which comprised seven primary indicators, 21 secondary indicators, and 80 tertiary indicators. This index system creates a fundamental framework for urban innovation driven by design in the context of the new era.

The 2023 UNESCO Creative Cities Design Summit is one of the important, platforms of UNESCO Creative Cities Network for promoting international exchange and collaborations among creative cities by sharing ideas, visions, and experiences on common topics globally.


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